Saturday, August 10, 2013

Killer B3 Award Winning

SBFF winners packet
This summer, Killer B3 screened at the 15th Annual San Francisco Black Film Festival (SFBFF).  What a great experience.

The SFBFF is held at several venues in and near San Francisco's artistic rich Filmore District.  We just read an article that said, less than 5% of all films entered in film festivals are actually accepted.  Needless to say, we are honored to screen at any venue.
Boom Boom Room doorman rocks Killer B3 T-Shirt.  Photo by Stan Pechner
Killer B3 Sticker gets a well earned drink at the bar of Boom Boom Room.  Photo by Stan Pechner
Killer B3 screened at the Boom Boom Room, a really cool and eclectic music club a stones throw from the historic Filmore Theater.  The Boom Boom Room used to be owned by blues legend, Johnny Lee Hooker.  The bar is one of few clubs anywhere that has a Hammond B3 Organ permanently on site.  Bands love it! Now, they don't have to lug their Hammond to the gig.
Musician jams on Hammond B3 during show at Boom Boom Room.
A lot of cool things happened during the SFBFF.  First, we won our first festival award.  Yep, Killer B3 is officially an award-winning film.  Killer B3 was awarded Honorary Mention for Best Documentary.  We didn't win the top spot, but we are proud to have the film recognized for being one of the best in the fest.
Some of the winning goodies sent over from SFBFF
More goodies from SFBFF winners packet.
The team at SFBFF sent us a nice awards packet.  It came in a vintage film case.  Inside was tons of cool things we will treasure.  Thank you SFBFF for a wonderful four days in one of the greatest cities anywhere in the world.
SFBFF Volunteer gets his Killer B3 T-Shirt during interview with Murv.
I got a chance to meet some really cool people during the San Francisco trip.  I'm learning, you find your own little crew to hang out with at these festivals. 
Filmmakers (L) Pat Ward Williams, Joana Lima Martins, Denise Ward-Brown, Murv Seymour leaving the Make out Room in S.F.
You would think, as producer of Killer B3, we probably have met everybody featured in the documentary.  Not true.  Pete Fallico is someone who has helped us immensely with the production of Killer B3.  In fact, Pete has been invaluable.  After eight years of working on Killer B3, we had never met Pete.  Pete's interview was shot as a favor by my long time friend, Stan Pechner.  Stan lives in the S.F. Bay area and so does Pete. 
Pete Fallico and Murv hanging out in the Johnny Lee Hooker booth at the Boom Boom Room.  Photo by Stan Pechner
Needless to say, I was excited to meet Pete at the SFBFF screening.  Pete said the film was incredible.  He said he was really impressed with everything, especially the editing around all the music featured in the film.  He also said we nailed it by paying such great detail to Jimmy Smith's contribution to the Hammond sound. 
Murv talks with SFBFF attendees before screening.  Photo by Stan Pechner
See you at the New Jersey Film Festival on September 8, 2013.