Sunday, June 24, 2012

Killer B3 the Music

If you love music, you will love Killer B3.  Sure, the story is centered around the sound of Hammond organs and the contribution of its players, but when it's all said and done, music and passion take center stage in Killer B3.

We have been fortunate.  Over the past six years of shooting Killer B3, we have been up close with some of the greatest organ players ever. But, the musicians playing the backup role are monsters of music too.  

Blues based guitarist Willie Lomax of Lutz, Florida has a soulful, blues based sound.  Willie has actually has helped us a bunch over the years in getting this film done.  We will be loading some clips of him playing at some point. 
Tampa guitarist Willie Lomax
We used his studio to shoot one of our first promo videos for Killer B3.  It's a pretty cool video.  The video features organist Shawn Brown gettin' down on some swinging blues.  A small space, we lit it fairly loose.  We wanted to conceal the player and push the focus towards the sound of the organ and the passion of its player.  In the beginning, we didn't know a lot about Hammond organs.  I remember we were leery about Shawn playing an organ that wasn't a B3.  We later learned, the core Hammond sound is the same in many models.  Only true die hard of organ enthusiast might notice the organ Shawn was playing wasn't a sporty B3.  

Our first road trip out of Florida took us to Columbus, Ohio.  We were treated to the blazing Hammond B3 sound of Tony Monaco.  We were really blown away to find that Tony learned to play the Hammond by playing the accordion.  He actually showed Jimmy Smith, Jr. how he played his dad's songs on the electronic box.

Tony's trio is fueled by drummer Louis Tsamous and guitarist Robert Kraut.  Both are amazing musicians.  Amazingly, they match Tony's incredible musical energy . 

Robert Kraut is amazing.  He is melodic in his chords and soloing.  When he is not making amazing music, Kraut teaches psychology.  I remember before we started shooting Tony's show, Robert requested we keep our distance while he played.  I didn't get that close to him during the concert, but Joe really got in Robert's grill for some shots.  Lol.  Kraut was so in the moment as he played, I don't think he even noticed.

One of the more traveled musician who caught our eye during production was percussionist, Walfredo Reyes, Jr.  Walfredo has toured with Santana, Steve Winwood and too many other music greats to name.  He came to Tampa to Jam with Willie Lomax and Shawn Brown.  

During our visit to Club Smoke in New York, we knew we were going to see legends like, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Reuben Wilson.  We were pleasantly surprised to hear the smooth sax licks of Jerry Weldon.  You know Jerry's sound from the Lionel Hampton Orchestra, Harry Connick, Jr., George Benson and so many other great musicians.  

I know everybody is wondering when Killer B3 will hit screens.  It will be in 2013 for sure.  In the meantime, we're going to be working on a way to release a companion project that features the music from Killer B3.  

Sorry for the delay in posts.  We have been hustling to raise funds to pay for the many expenses of putting together a project like this.  We will be launching a fundraising effort pretty soon. In the meantime, visit to find out more about how you can help.  Also, like us on Facebook, and visit our Youtube channel to checkout more videos.

Murv & Joe,
Producers, Killer B3