Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Killer B3 Post Card Contest Crowns First Winner

In case you missed it, we had a postcard contest during the last part of July and all of August.  Basically, we sent ten KB3 postcards to anyone who wanted them.  The person who most creatively used their postcard was crowned winner (as decided by the number of likes to their photo on our FB page).  Needless to say, the response has been incredible.

Joe shot a little promo from Costa Rica.  Yea, I said Costa Rica!  It stars one of many of the visitors camped outside his rural cottage each day.  It's too funny! 

Shot of KB3 postcard outside the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, IN
We continue to gain fans in all parts of the world.  According to our Facebook stats, we have fans in 7 countries, and in almost as many languages.  We also have over 33,000 hits on our Killer B3 Youtube Channel.   We sent out cards to people in all corners of the world.  People sent back creative pictures featuring our KB3 postcards.  While we had our personal favorites, fans of Killer B3 on FB decided the winner.  The grand prize was a free Killer B3 T Shirt and bragging rights.
Killer B3 T-Shirts are now for sale on our website,  The money generated goes towards getting Killer B3 released.
This winning snap from Sherri Talley in Shreveport, LA won the hearts of KB3 fans on FB and the free T-Shirt.  

 Winning our postcard contest wasn't easy.  Many KB3 fans went above and beyond the call of duty to show their support for our documentary.  Sherri Talley even took some snaps during Hurricane Issac.  Lol.  Now that's committed!

Terry Levandoski clearly gets around.  He sent in some incredible shots from all parts of the U.S.

Terry Levandoski sent this in from the streets of Vegas.  Lets hope he had a winning way while in Sin City.       

Terry Levandoski took time to take this shot on Greg Allman's organ while at the Allman Brothers Museum in GA
Terry Levandoski had lunch somewhere in CA with his KB3 postcard.
Our pal Gene Yagle took a trip out to the Pacific Northwest.  Gene sent in some nice shots featuring the Space Needle and other great landmarks in the region.
Gene Yagle sent this in from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Killer B3 Director of Photography, Joe Bamford got the idea for the postcard photo contest while hanging out in Chicago this past summer at the Blues Festival.  After seeing some of his shots, we figured this was a cool way to spread the word about KB3 while having some fun.
Joe Bamford sent this in from downtown Chicago.  Of course Joe is in-eligible to enter his own postcard contest.  Nice try buddy.  Lol.
Joe Bamford sent this in from his cab ride while in Chicago.  Looks like his cab driver is seriously chillin'.
We are thinking of making the postcard contest a monthly competition.  We're kind of curious to see what other parts of the world will entries come in from. 

Diane Roberts sent this in from Yankee Stadium.  We know she's a rabid Rays fan.  We're guessing the Rays were in town.
Rich Murphy sent this one in from the high skies.  Not sure, but I think his electronic device should be in the off position.  And, that postcard should be wearing a seat belt.
The Band Earshot Graffiti sent this in from one of my favorite restaurant's in LA.  They were prepping for a gig at Superior Grill in Shreveport.  Awesome!
Brooks Paxton caught this snap of a Killer B3 postcard getting down and dirty on the work site.

A big thanks to everyone who took part in the August contest.  We are planning on doing it again, so stay tuned.  You too could win a KB3 T-Shirt!  Maybe the coolest thing about the KB3 postcards is you can actually use them.  Yes, you can mail them to someone if you like because they are REAL postcards. 

More exciting Killer B3 news is on the way.

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Murv  & Joe
Producers, Killer B3