Monday, November 5, 2012

Killer B3 Band Makes Debut

The Killer B3 Band showed its stuff at Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa, FL in October.  The hand picked band performed its second live show in less than a month to help raise awareness and funds for Killer B3.

Shawn Brown (L) Nate Najar (M) Jeremy Carter (R) Kenny Suarez (Back) - Photo courtesy Jay Nolan
Who knew producing a documentary would lead to promoting a live concert.  In an effort to spread the word and raise cash, we figured it couldn't hurt to host a concert featuring the Hammond organ sound.  Anchored by organist Shawn Brown, the KB3 band features some of Tampa's top musicians.  

The Band made its debut in September 2012 at the Palladium's Sidedoor in St. Petersburg, FL.  With limited marketing, and on a shoestring of a budget, the show was almost a sellout.  Fans were treated to nearly three and a half hours of music.

Audio Download of the KB3 Band Live at the Palladium is available on the website for $9.99 and free shipping anywhere (Ships 10/23/12)
For those who live outside the state of Florida and abroad, we figured fans could appreciate an opportunity to buy the music from the Palladium show.  Yes, we recorded the show.  Yes, you can purchase a copy of it to enjoy on your own.  Just go to our website, and download the audio from the show from our Shop Page.
Killer B3 Fans enjoy organist Shawn Brown during fundraiser at the Palladium in St. Petersburg, FL - Photo courtesy Jay Nolan
We also gave fans a sneak peak at the documentary.  Just before the band played, we also debuted our theatrical trailer for the film.  It's a power packed three minutes that really captures the energy of why the Hammond Organ sound is unmistakable.

The hope is to put on a live show every one or two months.  There is no better way to introduce people to the beauty of this instrument and its sound.

A big thanks to Jay Nolan for taking some incredible snaps for us.  If you need photos that capture the spirit of being their, Jay Nolan is your guy.  Checkout his website

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.  Please spread the word about this project, blog and everything else.

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